Place of Origin:Northlands
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

Glokkpod was a male shrike who got accidentally trapped in the prisons of Castle Floret. Urgan Nagru's horde kept him there, poking at him for fun, but never getting too close out of fear. Completely mad, he lusted for the blood of the rats, crying out how he would kill them and anyone else who insulted him. He was freed when Gael Squirrelking escaped with Dandin, Mariel Gullwhacker and Meldrum. Glokkpod allied with the escapees, assuring them that he would only kill the vermin under Urgan Nagru, whom he would get his vengence against.

When the group escaped to one of the highest towers, Glokkpod remained behind to fend off the horde as the others were in the rafters. The crazy bird actually insisted that they let him stay and wreak his bloody vengence upon his foes. In the confined space, the rat soldiers could only come at him a few at a time, and were no match for the deadly shrike. Among the known casualties of the fearsome claws and beak was the Captain Riveneye, who foolishly charged in with his sword. In battle, one of his wings was wounded by a pike, and that hampered his ability to fly. However, he managed a short flight to the rafters when it was heard that the horde were going to use their arrows instead of just charging in to die. This was accomplished mainly through Meldrum insulting the shrike, which offended his honour greatly. Truly, Glokkpod had actually only flown up there to kill the hare for his words, but the rest of the group stopped him.

Glokkpod then flew down from the tower roof after it had been taken apart enough. He met up with Iris Streambattle, and others, and told them of the escapees' plight. During a storm, the shrike had another part to play, that was to carry a rope to the escape party so they could scale down the tower. The storm and his injured wing kept the bird from reaching the mice, hare and squirrel however. Meldrum had the answer to that, as he played on Glokkpod's pride again. Further insulting him, he inspired the shrike to get to them. This strategy had a cost, however, as Glokkpod then flew off, refusing to help them anymore. In fact, he told Meldrum that if he ever saw him again, he would kill him. Glokkpod is never mentioned again.


  • Glokkpodd is the only shrike mentioned in the Redwall series.
  • Shrikes are known for impaling their victims on hawthorn and acacia barbs, hence Glokkpod's fitting title, "The Butcher Bird".