Gonff II

Gonff II

Place of Origin:St. Ninian's
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mossflower, The Legend of Luke
"A scamp, a rascal and a complete pickle"
Bella of Brockhall

Gonff II, also known as Gonff or Gonflet, was the son of Gonff the Mousethief and Columbine. He had a son of his own, but his name is unknown. His later descendants include Abbess Bryony, Bisky, Andio, Dandin, the Gonfelin Thieves, and Samolus Fixa.


Gonflet was often compared to his father with whom he shared many characteristics. Like his father he had a very good appetite and loved to steal food. Gonflet was well known for pinching pies, cakes and other sweets from the Kitchen, from adult creatures and even stole fruit from the harvest while he was helping with fruit picking. He was also very much like his father for his love of mischief and was often the leader of other Dibbuns in planning out pranks and funny schemes. During the feast celebrating the completion of Redwall Abbey's south gable, Baby Gonflet and his gang of Dibbuns rolled out barrels of strawberry fizz and other casks drinks down towards the pond for cooling and nearly ran over other creatures. Fortunately, no one was harmed and everyone laughed at their antics. Gonff II was described as plump in his adult years.


During the summer in which Gonff was born, the main gate of Redwall Abbey was raised, according to Bella of Brockhall. That summer is also memorable because Skipper ate so much that he sank in the Abbey Pond. Lady Amber had to jump in to save him.

As a Dibbun, Baby Gonflet lived for a while at Redwall Abbey with his father and mother. Gonflet was very close to his father's friend, Martin the Warrior and often enjoyed playing and wrestling with the warrior mouse. When Martin seemed troubled, Gonflet "captured" the warrior and led him to Cavern Hole where Bella and the Abbey residents encouraged Martin to search about his past with Gonff the Mousethief and Dinny. When autumn came however, Gonflet said he missed his father. Gonflet waited for him on the battlements of the Abbey with Bella and Skipper and was the first to hear the singing from the returning questors. He became quick friends with Chugger, a fellow young rascal.

Chugger and Trimp the Rover later became part of the Gonff family.

Gonff II and his parents eventually settled in St. Ninian's Church.