Goodwife Brimm

Place of Origin:Northeastern Mossflower Woods
Death: Unknown
Appears: Marlfox

Goodwife Brimm ("Goody") was an old female otter, a friend of Sollertree. Brimm wore a poke bonnet, a puff-sleeved gown and a flowery pinfore with dainty lace edging. She had silver-white fur and a cracked voice. She lived alone in the house, which was made of baked clay and mud bricks near the river. Although she was old, her ears were as sharp as the day she was born. Songbreeze, Dannflor, Dippler and Burble stayed in her house for a while before they continued their quest. Later, the otterwife visited Redwall Abbey with Sollertree and his daughter Nettlebud.