Distinguishing Features:Giant red ship with iron spike on the front
Captain(s):Vilu Daskar
Destruction:Hull breach after collision into Tall Rocks
Appears in:The Legend of Luke

The Goreleech was an enormous slaving ship, owned and commanded by Vilu Daskar, a pirate stoat. Completely red from the sails to the rusty iron spike, the ship was infamous throughout the high seas and on lands, known for its huge size and the savagery of its crew. The large sharp iron spike attached to the bow was for the ramming and crushing of other ships. Its crew made the mistake of raiding Luke's tribe, after which Luke took a vow to destroy it and Daskar. The ship met its demise when Luke feigned to set sail to his home to the "treasure" stashed there, but instead he steered it into the Tall Rocks which was near the previous home of his clan, ramming the spike deep into one of the towering stones.

Beau survived along with Vurg, Dulam, and Denno when the stern of the Goreleech went down, and they lived on the surviving half, which was wedged between two columns of stone among Tall Rocks. They affectionately called it Arfship until Martin and his friends found them many seasons later. Judging by its description and three decks of oars, the ship had the build of a Ship of the Line.


  • Vilu Daskar (Captain)


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