Gormad Tunn

Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Rapscallion sword
Death: Mortally wounded by Lady Cregga Rose Eyes
Appears: The Long Patrol

Gormad Tunn, a Greatrat, was Firstblade, or leader of the Rapscallion army and father of Byral Fleetclaw and Damug Warfang. He attempted to conquer Salamandastron, but received mortal wounds from Lady Cregga Rose Eyes and died shortly after. He was said to have favored sailing over land travel and to have been the most successful Rapscallion leader.

Damug succeeded him as the Rapscallion leader after he slew his brother Byral. He was also said to have not been able to stand the sight of his son Damug and Damug felt the same.