Grand Fragorl

Grand Fragorl

Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Concealed Knife
Death: Unknown
Appears: Lord Brocktree

The Grand Fragorl was a female ferret in Ungatt Trunn's Blue Hordes. She was blue-furred and had a nose ring, from which hung a gold sickle hook amulet. Her voice was flat, sometimes spoken of as a monotone.

Typically, Trunn sent the Fragorl as a courier to creatures he planned on invading, such as when he sent her to Lord Stonepaw before his invasion, and eventual conquest of Salamandastron. She was also used for listing Trunn's various titles whenever he needed such a service. Some of them include: "He who makes the stars fall from the sky", and "He who makes the land disappear and shake", all of which he demonstrated using clever tricks. She didn't participate in actual combat, but commanded troops into battle.

Later on, the Grand Fragorl took one-third of the demoralized Blue Hordes and deserted Trunn, fleeing northwards.