Grath Longfletch


Place of Origin:Holt Lutra
Weapon: Yew bow and green-fletched arrows, javelin
Death: Unknown
Appears: Pearls of Lutra

Grath Longfletch was a female otter from Holt Lutra. She was the daughter of the holt chieftain, Lutra, and the eventual partner of Inbar Trueflight. Her entire family was slain by the crew of Conva, the corsair stoat sent by Ublaz Mad Eyes to take the Tears of all Oceans from Lutra's holt. After being injured and left for dead by Conva's crew, Grath was rescued and healed by two watervoles, Glinc and Sitch. During her period of healing, she fashioned a powerful yew bow and a quiverful of green-fletched arrows, which became her "trademark." After recovering, she set off in search of any and all searats on which to vent her wrath. Using the longboat from the Sprayraider, she fashioned a vessel to pursue her enemies. This ship was eventually transformed into the seaworthy Freebeast.

Longfletch met up with Martin II, Clecky, and the Guosim near the western coast, in pursuit of Romsca's ship, the Waveworm. She then joined them on their journey across the Western Sea to the island of Sampetra. Along the way, she met Inbar at Holt Rudderwake, who came along with her to Sampetra. Once on the island, she killed many vermin with her deadly arrows and helped to overthrow Ublaz and rescue Abbot Durral.

She was relatively fluent in the speech of seals, being able to communicate with Hawm.

On the return voyage to Mossflower, Longfletch decided to stay with Inbar at Holt Rudderwake.