Gray One

Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Marlfox

The Gray One was the leader of the Riverhead tribe of watervoles. Although he seemed friendly, he was prone to be devious and tricky, and was something of a bully. Burble claimed the Riverheads had once been led by a council, but Gray One had unofficially proclaimed himself head of council, and then done away with the council altogether to become the sole ruler. One of the greatest ambitions in his life was to gain the Leafwood, to solidify his usurped position as chieftain.

When Song, Dann, and Dippler were led to the Riverheads by Burble, the Gray One immediately took note of the fact that Song was holding the Leafwood. As the travelers were looking for a boat to carry them down the river, the Gray One offered to trade the Leafwood for his boat.

However, the Gray One's boat was old, and Dippler would not allow Song to trade the Leafwood for anything but the Swallow. Although the Swallow belonged to the entire Riverhead tribe and not just the chief, he agreed in hopes of taking the Leafwood by force, keeping both it and the two boats. However, the travelers got away in the Swallow, taking Burble and the Leafwood with them as well.

Burble, upon returning from his adventures with a large throne and the Leafwood, became the chief of the Riverhead tribe. Exactly how the transfer of powers occurred was not reported. It is possible that the Gray One was intimidated into a surrender, based on the fact Burble was traveling with a huge group of escaped slaves, and had ownership of the Leafwood. However, it seems more likely that the Gray One died in the interval, based on his nature.