The Great South Stream is a broad stream, just a little smaller than a true river, graced with many tributaries. This waterway flows under the mountains separating Mossflower Woods from Salamandastron, including Bat Mountpit, and eventually drains into the Great Inland Lake. The stream current can be very fast in some areas and requires expert navigation to manage its waters like Duddle Pollspike.

Frequent and experienced travelers of the Great South Stream included the Guerilla Union of South Stream Shrews of Mossflower. The stream was originally discovered by Log-a-Log Big Club who gave it its current name and operated a ferry across it.

The stream also used to be frequented by a snake and a newt who bothered Martin the Warrior and his companions until the reptiles were chased away by Big Club.

Known Residents of the Great South Stream and its banks


The Great South Stream is mentioned in the text of Mossflower and Salamandastron, however it is believed to also appear on the maps for Outcast of Redwall and Rakkety Tam.

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