Distinguishing Features:Had a green fang painted on the sail
Captain(s):Bludrigg, later Garrtail
Destruction:Rammed by the Seatalon
Appears in:Mariel of Redwall

The Greenfang was originally captained by Bludrigg. After his murder, Gabool the Wild gave it to Garrtail. The latter sailed it towards Mossflower Woods, searching for the mutinous Greypatch in the stolen Darkqueen. They spotted the Darkqueen before Greypatch could navigate it up into Mossflower Woods, and they staged an attack on Greypatch's forces. Greypatch's crew rushed Garrtail's before they could leave the shallows, and, mainly due to some bows and arrows Bigfang found onboard Darkqueen, Garrtail's entire crew was massacred. The searats then shot fire arrows onto the Greenfang and let it drift away.

It drifted north, towards the residence of Bobbo the dormouse. Bobbo saw the craft float into a nearby cove lacking sails or rigging and with a burned out hull, but put anchor to the ship anyway. Mariel Gullwhacker, Dandin, Tarquin Longleap Woodsorrel, and Durry Quill took it on their journey to Terramort for vengeance against Gabool. It was rammed by the Seatalon and, due to its already fire weakened wood, cracked in half and sank.

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