Greenshroud by Sean Rubin

Distinguishing Features:Entirely green, including sails; later, had wheels allowing for land travel, and two giant crossbows (one fore and one aft)
Captain(s):Razzid Wearat, Nubbs Miggory, Ruggan Axehound
Appears in:The Rogue Crew

The Greenshroud (later named the Posy Gurdy) was a corsair vessel captained by Razzid Wearat, and maintained by his crew. It was a long, completely green ship, with many oars and sails.

Early on, the Wearat attempted to attack the Rogue Crew Sea Otters by sea, but the chieftain of the Rogue Crew had his otters set fire to the Greenshroud, and forced Razzid to sail away, with both himself and his ship badly burned. While Razzid was convalescing, the ambitious ferret Braggio Ironhook altered the Greenshroud by adding four wheels and two giant crossbows to it. Braggio planned on taking over the ship, but Razzid made a full recovery and resumed captaincy, beheading Braggio and sticking his skull atop the mainmast. Intent on taking over Redwall, Razzid sailed the ship across the seas, through Mossflower Woods, and straight through the main gates of the Abbey; however, an army of Rogue Crew otters and Long Patrol hares were waiting for him, and totally defeated his crew.

After the death of Razzid Wearat, the Rogue Crew and the Long Patrol took the ship as their victory spoils. The small army cleaned it up, fitted it with a new white sail, and renamed it the Posy Gurdy, after the two beasts that slew Razzid between them.


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