Place of Origin:Warbeak Loft
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Envenomated by Asmodeus
Appears: Mentioned in: Redwall

Greytail was a male Sparra tribe warrior and the husband of Dunwing and the father of Warbeak.

While Warbeak was still an egg, Greytail left with King Bull Sparra to go hunting, with Bull trying to show off his skills with the sword of Martin the Warrior. While flying over the Quarry, Bull dropped it and Asmodeus the giant adder immediately took possession of the sword upon its landing. Bull ordered Greytail to retrieve it; when Greytail attempted to do so, he failed and was bitten by Asmodeus before escaping back to the Sparra court.

Greytail had been poisoned by the venom in Asmodeus' fangs, and soon died of its effects in his wife's wings shortly after his return. However, Greytail was able to live long enough to explain to Dunwing what had truly happened (while Bull lied to the others), but did not live long enough to see their daughter hatch.