Place of Origin:Terramort
Weapon: Cutlass
Death: Killed by Mariel Gullwhacker
Appears: Mariel of Redwall

Grimtooth was a Terramort searat who succeeded Skullgor to captaincy of the Crabclaw. He was sent by Gabool the Wild to search for Greypatch and the Darkqueen. When he returned from his unsuccessful mission across the sea, the captain found the King of Searats in a great state of confusion, approaching madness. Grimtooth was the first to notice that the Waveblade was moving inside the cove but did not notice anything was amiss until Hookfin pointed out the ship was being stolen.

Grimtooth, Hookfin, and Riptung took charge of Fort Bladegirt when Gabool retired to his chambers and the escaped slaves attacked. He was killed by Mariel, while attempting to kill Joseph the Bellmaker.