Place of Origin:North of Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Shot by Ravagers commanded by Zwilt the Shade and Vilaya
Appears: The Sable Quean

Gripchun was a ferret Ravager who originated in north Mossflower with a gang of weasels, stoats, and other ferrets led by Gadra the Spear. Gadra was challenged by Zwilt the Shade, who slew him and made Gripchun and the others part of the Ravagers.

After being commanded to look around Mossflower Woods for Dibbuns, Gripchun was captured by Diggs, who took him to Redwall Abbey for interrogation. He told the Redwallers that he didn't know the exact location of where the Dibbuns were kept, but he told them the name Althier. Later, when the Redwallers had him atop the Abbey's walls, the Ravagers came to the Abbey to threaten the captured Dibbuns. When the Redwallers threatened Gripchun in return, Zwilt asked if he wanted him to rescue him. When the ferret answered in the affirmative, Vilaya allowed Zwilt to command three Ravager archers to slay Gripchun. He fell off the wall with an arrow fatally lodged in his throat.