Place of Origin:Juskarath clan
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Drowned in a flood
Appears: Taggerung

Grobait the rat was one of the Juskazann tribe sent with Vallug Bowbeast, Eefera, Milkeye, Rabbad, Rawback, Dagrab, Ribrow, and Gruven Zann to hunt the Taggerung after the death of Sawney Rath. When the group attempted to cross a stream, they were attacked by several hungry burbot fish, one of which latched on to Grobait's behind. Eefera fought it off, and some of the Juska shared the fish for dinner that night, joking about how Grobait had been the bait.

The next day, the wound Grobait had received from the fish caused his back leg to stiffen up, and it went limp. Gruven callously left him behind, and he got caught in the heavy downpour, unable to move any farther. He was swept away by the floodwaters in the night, and his carcass later turned up by the streambank near Ruskem's dwelling.