Place of Origin:Most likely the Northern Mountains
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Lord Brocktree

Groddil was a maimed and disfigured silver haired fox, Grand Magician to Ungatt Trunn. His growth was stunted after he suffered a blow to the back from Trunn himself. Previously, Trunn had slain Groddil's family; the fox harbored a deep hatred for him because of this, but did not dare to show it openly.

Groddil fell out of favor with the wildcat after he ordered the death of Lord Stonepaw, whom Trunn had wanted alive. Trunn forced Groddil and Captain Fraul to scour the caves beneath Salamandastron to find the route of escape of eighteen hares who had escaped his clutches. Groddil found the exit, but did not report it; instead, he and a disgruntled Fraul attempted an escape from Salamandastron. Groddil was washed away by the tide; Captain Fraul, however, was killed and eaten by spider crabs in one of the passages.

After Trunn's defeat at the hands of Lord Brocktree, after which he was thrown into the sea, the dying wildcat washed up near the place where Groddil was hiding. Groddil watched Trunn's paralyzed body float ashore, then pushed it out to sea again, thus avenging the deaths of his family. He mocked the drowning wildcat by pretending to praise his might and power, then wandered away, never to be seen again.