Species:Feral Cat
Place of Origin:Green Isle
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Groodl was a short, male scorecat in Riggu Felis' feral cat army of Green Isle. He was brutal, cruel and sadistic in nature. When Chab and Whulky and their families were tied to posts beneath the pier, Groodl was the one who guarded them and whipped them with a thin willow withe. Inspired by Groodl's use of discipline, Riggu Felis ordered him to take his sons, Jeefra and Pitru, to the barracks to be fitted out among the lowest of the guards, in hopes of ridding them of their spoiled attitudes. Upon Jeefra's death, Groodl was in charge of the guards. He had to answer to Riggu Felis' questioning of the events, and was then ordered to bury Jeefra down the bank, out of sight. Although Groodl's death was not mentioned, it is assumed that he was killed when the fortress burned and the catguards were forced onto the pier and slaughtered by the otterclans and the hares of the Long Patrol.

Not to be confused with Groddil or Grood.

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