Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Groot was a male mouse and a former slave at Fort Marshank. He had a wife, named Purslane and an infant son, named Fuffle.

Groot and his family eventually escaped the Fort with other slaves when Brome and Keyla guided them through a tunnel towards freedom. When the freed slaves met the Rambling Rosehip Players, he and his family marvelled at the contents of their larder and their abundance and variety of food. Groot was very fond of candied nuts, especially those prepared by his wife, who was an expert cook. Groot and his wife were particularly polite, generous and selfless. They never hesitated to thank those who helped them profusely and were particularly grateful to Felldoh.

When Felldoh, a group of former slaves, and the Rosehip players launched a desperate attack against the Fort, Groot was among them, fighting as bravely as any other beast. Although he had no known previous experience as a fighter, he was a very good shot with bows and arrows. He was also very adept at making bows and using them to reuse spent arrows against the vermin soldiers. His skills, bravery and tenacity allowed his friends to hold out against a force many times their number and much more experienced in warfare.


  • The word Groot, in Holland, means "great" or "large" and is a common Dutch surname.