Grudd Longtunnel

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Grudd Longtunnel served as Foremole and Head Abbey Gardener at Redwall Abbey. He was Molemum Burbee's nephew, and often served her and her friend Abbess Lycian tea on the walltops.

Grudd and his molecrew served several useful purposes around the Abbey. When the summer storm ripped through the Abbey grounds and gardens, the moles were there at the forefront of the repairs. When Groffgut's gang nearly scrabbled over the walltops, Grudd told the rest of the beasts to relax -- he and his moles would stand guard. When Girry, Brinty, Tribsy, Old Quelt and Sister Snowdrop found out that a crucial book in their investigation of the High Rhulain was lodged under the Gatehouse bed, Grudd and some assistants retrieved it. When Brinty was slain, it was Grudd, his crew and his aunt who dressed the body for burial.

In a letter that Abbess Lycian wrote to Tiria Wildlough on Green Isle, she revealed that Grudd had chosen Tribsy to become the next Foremole following his retirement.


  • Away with you, you'm gurt foozikil!--Burbee molemum