Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Grumby was a male hedgehog Dibbun of Redwall Abbey. He was good friends with Taggle. When Grumby burnt his paw on an oven, Taggle told him that the Infirmary Keeper, Brother Perant, was going to “choppa off” his paw and tail with a “big knife”. Grumby was quite upset by the notion, but Perant assured him by saying that Taggle was a “dreadful fibber”. Perant bathed Grumby's sore paw in water and applied a salve and dressing while the little hedgehog happily munched on candied chestnuts.

Grumby and the other abbeybabes danced with Pandion Piketalon and Brantalis Skyfurrow when Sister Doral played her fiddle during an afternoon tea out on the Abbey lawn.

On one occasion, when Brinty, Girry, Sister Snowdrop and Old Quelt left the Geminya Tome lying by the Abbey pond, Grumby and molebabe Groop nearly threw it into the water, claiming that they wanted to use it as a boat.

Not to be confused with Grumby.

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