Gullub Gurrpaw

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: Doomwyte

Gullub Gurrpaw was the Redwall Abbey Foremole during the time of Abbot Glisam, and the older brother of Friar Skurpul. Gullub was also the joint Cellarmaster with Corksnout Spikkle, and took shifts as Gatekeeper.

The Foremole was educated in reading molescript, and translated scrolls written by Young Dinny.

Along with Skipper Rorgus, Dwink, and Perrit, Gullub entered the lands of Blodd Apis in Mossflower Woods while searching for the Doomwyte jewels. Apis led them to her home where she heavily intoxicated the group with her special mead, and further planned on covering the Redwallers with her ant juice so that the bees would kill them.

Fortunately, Foremole Gullub was not as drunk as the others and managed to cause Apis to spill her juice onto herself, which resulted in the hedgehog becoming overwhelmed with her own bees and dying the "Death of a Thousand Stings".