Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Gender:Male (in Pearls of Lutra ), Female (in The Long Patrol)
Death: Unknown
Appears: Pearls of Lutra, The Long Patrol, Marlfox

Gurrbowl was a young male mole of Redwall Abbey. He was one of Arven's primary Dibbun friends with whom he liked to stir up trouble and make mischief. He was a good cook and made and showed Skipper how to make Honeymoles, a sticky type of pastry. He was also good friends with another mole Dibbun, Diggum. As an adult, Gurrbowl became the head cellarkeeper of Redwall.

Note: Jacques inadvertently switched the gender of Gurrbowl from Pearls of Lutra to The Long Patrol. In the former, the mole was male, but in the latter was a female.

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