Place of Origin:Northlands
Weapon: Sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: Loamhedge

Halfchop was a male rat with a missing paw. He was originally a member of Burrad's Gang. When Badredd took over from Burrad, Halfchop and the others went with him, thinking they could manipulate the young fox. However, Badredd soon showed them he was not about to take any nonsense from them, and ordered them to beseige Redwall Abbey.

Halfchop and Plumnose were working together to spy out the Abbey when Junty Cellarhog spotted them and threw a barrel bung at them. It struck Halfchop full in the head, permanantly damaging his mind. From that point on, he could no longer speak any word but the sound "Kachunk!" - this was the last sound he heard before the barrel bung damaged his brain.

After the incident, Halfchop stuck around Plumnose, who was the only beast who seemed to understand his nonsensical repetitive "Kachunk"-ing. The pair of them, along with the rest of Badredd's gang, fled the Abbey when the larger vermin army of Raga Bol invaded; they headed south and were never heard from again.