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Boorab the Fool and his Haredee Gurdee

The Haredee Gurdee was an exotic instrument invented by Boorab the Fool. It was essentially a one-man-band type of instrument, and consisted of drums, horns, flutes, a fiddle, and even a mandolin. It was also very heavy; Boorab once tripped while carrying it and became trapped beneath it. He later tricked two members of Skipper's crew into carrying it for him. When he got a job as Assistant Cook in Redwall Abbey, he gave the instrument to Nimbalo the Slayer, who learned to use it - though how the tiny mouse managed to lift it is a mystery.

The name may be a play on words relating to a medieval instrument called the hurdy gurdy.

Not to be confused with the Hardee Gurdee.


The Haredee Gurdee appears in Taggerung.

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