Herman Tulp working on a painting

Herman Tulp is one of the Dutch Redwall cover artists. He is a fairly well-known artist and is most famous for his still lifes and other works portraying nature. Tulp has made many exhibitions in the Netherlands.

Born: December 31, 1955, Netherland

Education: Academie Minerva (Academy of Art Minerva), Groningen, Netherland (1980)

Resides: Groningen, Netherland


  • Eppo Doeve Prize (1990)


Herman Tulp drew the covers for the following Dutch Redwall books:

  • Redwall (volume 1)
  • Mossflower (all three volumes, together with Hans Parlevliet)
  • Mattimeo (volume 3)
  • Mariel of Redwall (volume 3)

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