Holt Lutra was an otter holt on the northwestern shore of Mossflower country. It was wrecked and pillaged by Conva and his crew in order to steal the Tears of all Oceans, six rose-colored pearls which were the pride of Lutra, the holt's otter chieftain. The entire clan was slain save Lutra's daughter, Grath Longfletch, who swore vengeance on the corsairs who had murdered her family.

After recovering from her horrific wounds, Grath covered the holt entrance with thick bankmud, which dried in the sun and sealed the bodies of her family and kin in an eternal tomb.

The name "Lutra" comes from the Latin word lutra, meaning otter.

Known Holt Members


Holt Lutra appears in Pearls of Lutra.

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