Holt Rudderwake was located inside a large cave on the isle of Ruddaring, a mountain in the Western Sea. It was led by Wallyum Rudderwake. The otters of Rudderwake farmed melons and other tropical fruits, and specialized in making shellfish soups.

According to legend, four otter families escaped a corsair ship and found Ruddaring by accident. They battled the monitor lizard residents and successfully took the island. Because of the apparent inaccessibility of the area, the holt had been able to hide its presence and enjoy safety and prosperity from corsairs or invaders for several generations.

Grath Longfletch, Martin II, Clecky, Plogg, Welko, and Viola Bankvole were the first mainland visitors to the holt.

The Hawm seals resided relatively closely to the holt and were good friends and allies of the otters.

Known Residents


Rudderwake appears in Pearls of Lutra.

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