Distinguishing Features:Flat-bottomed coastal boat
Captain(s):Log-a-Log Furmo, formerly Sholabar
Appears in:The Legend of Luke

The Honeysuckle was a flat-bottomed boat used by Sholabar's band to raid the coastlines near Mossflower Woods. It was a small vessel, and its crew numbered only five--Sholabar plus four crewbeasts. However, when Sholabar tried to waylay Trimp, Chugger, and Dinny, he and his band were defeated by Folgrim, Martin the Warrior, and their other companions. Sholabar was killed in the struggle and the other four were forced to flee.

Log-a-Log Furmo was delighted with the sturdy little vessel, and he took charge of the ship. He christened it Honeysuckle after his wife, crewing it with Guosim shrews and Martin's friends (although Chugger appointed himself "captain"). The ship carried them to the Tall Rocks where they met Luke the Warrior's surviving companions, and after their return to Mossflower it was fitted with wheels and axles, becoming a ship that sailed over land. The modifications were removed afterwards, and it became a permanent possession of Furmo's tribe.


The Honeysuckle was the first ship in the series with wheels, the only other one (the Greenshroud ) appearing much later in The Rogue Crew .

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