Place of Origin:Terramort Isle
Weapon: Sword
Death: Killed by Tan Loc with a long sword
Appears: Mariel of Redwall

Hookfin was the searat captain of the Blacksail under Gabool the Wild. He was responsible for killing Tan Loc's family. Hookfin was sent to search for Greypatch and the Darkqueen; when he returned from his unsuccessful mission across the sea, the captain found the King of Searats in a great state of confusion and approaching madness.

Hookfin was the first to notice that the Waveblade and other ships in the cove of Terramort were being stolen by Rawnblade Widestripe, Dandin, Mariel and Tarquin. The searat captain ran after the badger and his friends but failed to find them when they hid inside a tunnel set up by the Trag.

Hookfin, Riptung and Grimtooth took charge of Fort Bladegirt when Gabool retired to his chambers and the escaped slaves attacked. When the battle was lost, Hookfin attempted to flee but was killed by a vengeful Tan Loc.