Royal Banner


This banner was sewn by Idga Drayqueen as a symbol of Squirrelking Araltum's rule. It was sent on parade with thirty squirrels and was carried by Driltig and Chamog, but this parade was ambushed and the banner stolen by Gulo the Savage and his horde. The banner was watched over by Captain Urfig, but was stolen in turn from him by Yoofus Lightpaw, who buried it in the hole where the Walking Stone was found. It was later recovered by Rakkety Tam MacBurl and returned to Araltum and Idga, but the squirrel rulers were deposed and the banner's fate is unknown.

The banner was yellow with blue chevrons on one side to represent the sea, and six green trees on the other for the land, while the center had two large, bushy tails to symbolize king and queen.


Idga Drayqueen's Royal Banner appears in Rakkety Tam.

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