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In My Liverpool Home - Vol.5 - Dotty Ditties

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In My Liverpool Home - Vol.5 front cover


In My Liverpool Home - Vol.5 back cover

In My Liverpool Home - Vol.5 - Dotty Ditties was the fifth entry into a collection of Liverpudlian songs and sketches released especially for the Liverpool 2008 Capital of Culture celebration.

Brian Jacques appears on 2 tracks of this album, which featured comic songs. The first song was track 5, "Jakestown". The second was track 11, "Formby Woods".

  • Released: 2008
  • Length: 60 min.
  • Produced by: MasterSound


1 The Lakeside InnMal & Lennie's Dirty Dozen4:05
2 A Picture of YouBilly Butler & The Tuxedos2:10
3 The Fire StationRobb Wilton3:00
4 Put on a Happy FaceNorman Vaughan1:45
5 JakestownBrian Jacques1:39
6 An Apple for the TeacherRoy Edwards2:38
7 ArtMurgatroyd & Winterbottom (Handley/Frankau)3:26
8 ScouselandTony Blake3:15
9 The Sand DanceFlorence De Jong3:21
10 The Impossible DweamBobby Kaye2:22
11 Formby WoodsBrian Jacques3:11
12 Two Little DoodlebugsArther Askey2:55
13 The Munitions WorkerRobb Wilton4:35
14 Wipe-OutAllan Schroeder2:58
15 Coom, Pretty OneTommy Handley3:12
16 Swingin' in the RainNorman Vaughan2:43
17 Congratulations, Prof. HigginsRex Harrison3:19
18 Shame & Scandal in the FamilyLee Curtis2:51
19 She had to go & lose itGordon Bennett2:08
20 Act NaturallyThe Black Knights2:24

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