The Javelin is mainly a relatively light sharpened stick, often pointed at both ends, and useful in battles at medium or short ranges. With brief training and practice light javelins are simple to use and can often be easily thrown at a moderate range. They are particularly effective when hurled in a concerted attack. Ballaw de Quincewold once made a device that had the capability to propel javelins twice their intended distance. This device consisted of putting the javelin on a stick and moving the throwing stick in an arc, similarly to an atlatl.

A notable use of javelins was when Felldoh challenged Badrang the Tyrant to a one-on-one duel. Felldoh had most likely had Bloodwrath at the time and killed many of Badrang's soldiers. He even injured Badrang himself. Badrang then ordered his soldiers to kill Felldoh.

Otters and hares of the Long Patrol were expert users of javelins. Various members of the Fur and Freedom Fighters have used javelins, many of which listed above. Their banner showed a javelin breaking chains.

Famous Javelin Users

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