Species:Half Wildcat, half Feral Cat
Place of Origin:Green Isle
Weapon: Spear
Death: Drowned by Pitru
Appears: High Rhulain

Jeefra was one of the sons of the wildcat warlord Riggu Felis and Lady Kaltag. He was the brother of Pitru. Jeefra was half a head taller than Pitru and was rather burly, but he was stupid, spoiled, whiny, and terrified of his fierce brother.

Riggu was disgusted with the spoiled nature of his sons, so he sent them both to the guard barracks to work as regular catguards, ignoring Kaltag's protests. Soon afterwards, an attack by rebel-otters led by Leatho Shellhound burned part of the wildcat's fortress, and a quick turn of events found Pitru and Jeefra's boat sinking in the lake. Pitru escaped the water, but his brother was not so lucky. As Jeefra begged him for help, Pitru promptly snatched a wooden paddle and smashed it onto his brother's head and paws without a second thought. Jeefra's corpse was recovered from the depths and buried on dry land.

Pitru blamed his brother's death on Leatho Shellhound and Lady Kaltag was sure that the death of Jeefra was the fault of Riggu Felis.