Jeg with a captured Bisky

Species:Tree Rat
Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: A thick branch
Death: Eaten by Baliss
Appears: Doomwyte

Jeg was one of the Painted Ones, the spoiled son of Tala and the chieftain, Chigid. He often threw tantrums to get his way and tormented the helpless and bound captives Bisky and Dubble. He became Dubble's sworn enemy because Jeg repeatedly hit the shrew and tried to get him killed. He had tormented Bisky more, but it was the young shrew who wanted justice.

While the rest of the Painted Ones were attempting to fight the Guosim, the Redwallers, and Gonfelins, Jeg stayed in the trees. Dwink, who was attempting to catch a Painted One for information, eventually spotted Jeg and pursued him. Jeg led Dwink to the Five-Topped Oak where he lived and captured Dwink, binding him and hanging him upside-down from a tree until he was near dead. Jeg tormented the young squirrel and intended on burning Dwink, but was stopped by Bisky and Spingo. Spingo pushed Jeg on his stomach into his own fire. Jeg then fled, but Dubble soon followed.

When Dubble had his chance for revenge on Jeg, he gave chase and fought him. Jeg escaped from Dubble during the fight. However, the adder Baliss appeared and ate him before he could escape.