Jonathan Ormsby Teal

Known Year(s):1628
Place of Origin:England
Appears in:The Angel's Command

Jonathan Ormsby Teal, or Redjack Teal as he was more commonly called, was a British privateer and captain of the Devon Belle, and later the Royal Champion. He was an enemy of Raphael Thuron and tried to capture his ship, La Petite Marie.

Teal was an educated and suave nobleman. He carried a letter of marque from Charles I.

Redjack Teal had the advantage over Thuron in their first encounter off the coast of South America; the French buccaneer had been running from Spanish pirate Rocco Madrid and was caught unawares; however, the quicker Marie managed to give Teal the slip, as well as chopping off the Devon Belle's foremast. Enraged, Teal gave chase.

Off the coast of Puerto Rico, Thuron managed to maneuver so that he was in between Teal's ship and the ship of Rocco Madrid, the Diablo Del Mar. Using a trick known as the Trinidad Shuffle, Thuron outwitted both other ships; Teal, threatening Madrid with his greater firepower, forced the Spaniard into submission before stealing his ship and renaming it the Royal Champion, and abandoning Madrid and his crew.

Towing the damaged Devon Belle behind the Champion, Teal pursued Thuron clear across the Atlantic, all the way to Arcachon, France (where Thuron was headed). There, however, his ship was captured by French Navy maréchal Guy Falcon Saint Jean Des Monts (also known as "The Hawk") and his fleet, headed by his flagship, Les Falcon Des Monts. The Hawk imprisoned Teal in the brig along with his crew. In doing so, the French maréchal signed Redjack's death warrant; the crew, having suffered under Teal's unfair rule for years, beat him unmercifully.

Redjack Teal, though he was only a privateer, enjoyed acting like a Royal Navy officer, one of the many things that did not endear him to his crew. Teal was known as a bit of a fop, and had an outrageously pompous British accent to go with this image. However, beneath the surface, Teal was a conniving, ruthless and cruel ship's captain who barely treated his own crew better than his enemies.

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