Jonathan Preston

Known Year(s):1896
Place of Origin:Chapelvale
Appears in:Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

Jonathan Preston, also known as Jon, was an old friend of Captain Rodney Winn. Jon lived in the former almshouse, located near the market place. Although he was a smith in 1896, Jon was a former ship's carpenter and, as a fellow seaman, quickly befriended Ben.

Jon usually kept to himself and tried to chase away unwanted company by pretending to be crazy, thus most village children feared him. However he was actually very kind and intelligent and was particularly concerned with the future of the village. Jon helped Ben and Ned discover and solve many clues and riddles which allowed them to eventually save the village from the greed of the Jackman Donning and Bowe company.

Jon's efforts were eventually recognized and rewarded and he became the village curator once Chapelvale was saved.

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