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Jum Gurdy

Jum Gurdy

Jum and Uggo
Jum Gurdy and Uggo Wiltud

Place of Origin:Either Redwall Abbey or Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Lance, Stave, and Sword of Martin
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Jum Gurdy was the fat, aging Cellardog of Redwall Abbey; he was also the brother of Dorka Gurdy, the nephew of Wullow, and the kinbeast of Skor Axehound.

After Uggo Wiltud had a vision of Razzid Wearat and the crew of the Greenshroud attacking Redwall, he and Jum left the Abbey to find Wullow, who reportedly knew about Wearats. He helped Uggo and another hedgehog named Posybud escape from Snaggs and his gang. Jum, Uggo, and Posy were separated out on the sea but were eventually reunited. Jum saved Uggo's life several times during the journey, and ended up helping Posy to slay Razzid.

The Greenshroud was renamed the Posy Gurdy in honor of his helping to slay the Wearat.

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