Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Spear, Sling
Death: Killed by Vizka Longtooth
Appears: Eulalia!

Jungo was a fat dim-witted weasel member of Vizka Longtooth's searaiding crew. He participated in a few battles including the Battle of the Plateau. Jungo was killed by Vizka after angering him with a comment he made. His death led to the remaining sea raiders abandoning Vizka.

Book Error

Vizka had five of his crew leave the forest with him; the five he told to leave with him were Ragchin, Dogleg, Patchy, Bilger, and Firty. During the fight at the Plateau, Jungo was last mentioned running back into battle a few moments before Vizka left with his five cohorts. However, Jungo is later in the ditch with Vizka and the other four when he angers Vizka with a comment; leading to Vizka killing him with his mace. There was no mention of anyone catching up with Vizka, aside from Glurma, and it was mentioned that the other four sea raiders fled from Vizka, which would mean Jungo had been counted as one of the five. It is most likely Jungo and Bilger were mixed up, as Bilger was also described as being dim-witted.