Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: Taggerung

Jurkin was the leader of the Dillypins and met Tagg and Nimbalo the Slayer when he and Robald went to check if Great Aunt Lollery was attacked. Although Robald claimed that Jurkin was "a decent enough type, as Dillypins go," it was clear that he did not like Jurkin much because of his tendency to always want to be top hog wherever he went. After Tagg showed him up with a knife-showing trick, Jurkin challenged the otter to a spiketussle. Tagg used his claws as spikes and managed to defeat the hedgehog, after which the two were great friends.

Jurkin and the Dillypins owned a raft and, since the Dillypins, Tagg and Nimbalo were all traveling the same direction, they offered to escort them downriver. Jurkin brought them to the water meadows, then revealed that he knew where Redwall Abbey was (he had gone there previously to visit some "fat ole cellarhog, a first cousin of a second brother twice removed"). He led them as far as the dwelling of Campathia Forthright and her family, then bid the travelers farewell and returned to his raft.

If the fat old cellarhog Jurkin was visiting was indeed Drogg Spearback, the Dillypins are related, albeit extremely distantly to the Spearbacks (such as Tragglo or even Gurgan).