The Juska were tribes of vermin that lived near the western shores of Mossflower Woods. They were nomadic and fierce warriors, and often at war with each other. The legend of the Taggerung was common amongst the Juska. Each Juska tribe was lead by a strong chief of their own, only merging with others under terms of attack, or conquering.


Juska tribe names were made from the root Juska and a suffix derived from the chieftain's name. For example, the Juska tribe led by Ruggan Bor bore the name Juskabor. Tribe names were not permanent; they changed according to the tribe's respective chieftains.

Like most vermin, all Juska tribes were highly superstitious. Furthermore, each had a fox seer that served to predict the future.

Each Juska clan had a symbol, in the form of a facial tattoo, to denote its members. When one clan would be assimilated into another following war or conquest, the new members sported the colors of both clans on their faces.

Juska Tribes


Juska tribes only appear in Taggerung.

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