Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Sword
Death: Presumably killed by Bucko Bigbones
Appears: Lord Brocktree

Karangool was the Captain-in-Chief of the ships of Ungatt Trunn's Blue Hordes, the only other fox in Trunn's army besides Groddil. A former corsair, Karangool was highly esteemed by Trunn and was one of the most competent and vicious secondary villains in the series. A martinet, he enforced Trunn's will throughout the Blue Hordes with merciless rigor.

He remained close to the wildcat but nonetheless plotted with Ripfang and Doomeye to abandon the wildcat if Brocktree bested Trunn in single combat; after Trunn's death the fox left the western coasts with the remainder of Trunn's Army.

Upon his escape, Bucko Bigbones chased his ship down. One of Trunn's Captains, Ripfang, pushed Karangool in the water where it is assumed that he was slain by Bucko (his death was never shown, but it is known that Bucko began attacking him with a sword). His probable demise was seen as an act of revenge by Bucko, for Karangool, under Trunn's orders, had been the one who had administrated much pain on Bucko in a previous encounter.