Karayna Bregon

Known Year(s):1628
Place of Origin:France
Appears in:The Angel's Command

Karayna Bregon was a talented French singer. She worked with a clown named Cutpurse in a traveling show that involved pickpocketing, until Cutpurse was caught and the pair were imprisoned in Léon, France. They managed to break out of prison, however Cutpurse proceeded to abuse Karay and used her as his slave.

Ben and Ned stumbled upon their campsite, and rescued Karay. Later, the trio ran into Dominic, who joined their group. They went into Vernon, where she helped them enter a fair and later get money and by dancing and acting as a fortune teller. The group were brought to the Comte because of the tricks Karay used on the guards to gain entrance. He proved to be nice and asked them to look for his nephew. They agreed and left on the journey eventually reaching the home of Arnela.

During the journey, the group was captured by the Razan after Karay was slipped a hallucinogenic potion that showed her greatest fear was spiders. After they were freed, she discovered a dancing bear who turned out to be the nephew for whom they were searching. Back at the Comte's house, Adamo was named the new Comte and he asked Karayna to be his comtesse. She agreed and they were married.

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