Ketral Vane

Ketral Vane by Sean Rubin
Ketral Vane by Sean Rubin

Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Crossbow
Death: Beheaded by Ruggan Axehound
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Ketral Vane was a very tall, slim, muscular fox who lived in a gloomy area of Mossflower Woods. He carried a crossbow, and was leader of a band of similarly armed foxes, along with some toads, snakes, and other assorted vermin. He referred to himself as the "Lord of the Hinterwoods," and had no mercy for trespassers in his self-proclaimed domain.

When Drogbuk Wiltud led a group of Guosim and woodlanders through Mossflower Woods, Ketral and his foxes ambushed them, demanding that they leave at once. Uggo Wiltud and Posybud argued with Ketral, and the fox pronounced a death sentence on the duo. Fortunately for the two hedgehogs, the Rogue Crew and Long Patrol arrived, disarming the foxes and forcing them to flee. Ketral later followed behind the woodlanders and shot Swiffo with a poisoned dart; his revenge was short-lived, as Ruggan Axehound chased down the fox and beheaded him soon after.