Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Sling and Javelin
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior
Voice(s): Noah Reid
TV Series: Season 3

Keyla was a slave at Fort Marshank. He planned the escape of Martin the Warrior, Brome, and Felldoh, and even slipped them scraps from the kitchen. First, he communicated to Rose by singing out the news to her that Brome and Martin were alive, but imprisoned. When confronted by two vermin, he innocently claimed he was singing an otter charm against sickness. He later had Brome yell for help as if he had the fever, and when the guards plugged their ears, Brome shouted out a message to Rose. Keyla, Barkjon, and Hillgorse were the ringleaders of the rebellious slaves. When the other slaves later escaped with the help of Felldoh and the Rambling Rosehip Players, he sacrificed his own chance at freedom to help the younger and older ones. This later saved Brome and the other slaves' lives, because Keyla was the only one strong enough to dig them through the collapsed escape tunnel. He was one of the few witnesses to Felldoh's death.

Keyla tv

Keyla from the Redwall TV Series

Keyla was close friends with Barkjon, Felldoh, and Tullgrew, along with many other slaves, and known to have a deep voice.


Keyla was cheerful and irrepressible- always looking at the bright side and cracking jokes. He was resourceful and quick-thinking. He hated Badrang and his slavery, and would do anything to end it, though probably not to the extreme Felldoh took it.


  • "We know what it's like to live as a slave under Badrang's tyranny. It's not life- it's livin' death!" -Keyla, upon co-founding the Fur and Freedom Fighters