Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Trident
Death: Fell into the Abyss with his horde during the Battle in the Abyss
Appears: Loamhedge

Kharanjul was a savage male Wearet, and the leader of a vermin horde. He was huge, ugly, and muscular, with very little neck and no visible ears. His weapon of preference was a trident. Kharanjul had many titles, among them being Lord of the Abyss and Master of Life and Death. He guarded the fallen Lord of Mossflower, which had become a bridge that spanned the Abyss, and he would kill any who crossed.

On their way back from Loamhedge Abbey, Sarobando, Bragoon, Horty, Fenna and Springald were attacked by the horde, beginning the Battle in the Abyss. Saro and Bragoon died fighting the horde, and in their last seconds, they heaved the tree trunk into the abyss, killing all of the vermin, including Kharanjul.

Not to be confused with Karangool.