Killconey from the Redwall TV Series

Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Spear, Sword
Death: Chopped in half by Matthias
Appears: Redwall
Voice(s): Lawrence Bayne (Redwall), Greg Longridge (Redwall)
TV Series: Season 1

A ferret from Mossflower Woods, Killconey was pressed under threat of death to join the horde of Cluny the Scourge when Cluny attacked Redwall Abbey. Although he was an extremely talkative ferret with a comical accent and a tendency to refer to his "ould" mother's sayings, he wasn't a fool. In fact, he turned out to be very useful for Cluny in several schemes.

Killconey and Cheesethief were the only members of Cluny's horde who ever saw Asmodeus and lived; they observed him pulling the carcass of Ragear away. He was later in charge of the crew of weasels, stoats, and ferrets with the duty of digging a tunnel into Redwall from the southwestern corner - though this plan was discovered and failed miserably, leading only to the death of Darkclaw and many other hordesbeasts. During the largest battle of the Late Rose Summer Wars, Killconey, for a short while, took the position of "drummer-cum-soothsayer."

Also, he had some knowledge of leverage, and built Cluny a siege tower to get into Redwall from the back wall, though this scheme also failed to gain access into the Abbey. The incident shocked Cluny so much that for a short while, Killconey took control of the horde along with Darkclaw and Fangburn. In the final battle for Redwall, Killconey was held in front of Cluny as a living shield and thus was slain by a swipe from Matthias that chopped him in half. His last action thus saved his Chief's life, if only for a short while.


  • Killconey was the first ferret to be named in the Redwall series. His name means "one who kills rabbits," as "coney" is an old English word for "young rabbit."
  • In several printings of Redwall, Killconey is identified inconsistently throughout the text as either male or female. Brian Jacques confirmed that Killconey was male.
  • Killconey is the only high ranked beast in Cluny's army that is not a rat.
  • In the Redwall TV Series, Killconey is evil and completely loyal to Cluny. He is killed offscreen in The Final Conflict.