King Glagweb

King Glagweb by Gary Chalk

Place of Origin:Toadlands
Weapon: Trident
Death: Unknown
Appears: Salamandastron

Glagweb ruled over the Toadlands around the same time as Urthstripe the Strong ruled Salamandastron. When Mara ran away from home, she and Pikkle Ffolger were taken hostage by Glagweb after Swinkee betrayed them. Glagweb had captured some Guosssom shrews and held them in a pit. When he bought Mara and Pikkle from Swinkee, he kept them in the pit as well. One day he cruelly "joked" about how Mara would make a good meal; Mara became angered and hit him with mud. After this, Glagweb became enraged and sentenced them to death and consumption. The Guosssom shrews arrived to save their brethren, and Glagweb's toads were defeated. In the end, Glagweb was thrown down the pit where he had kept Mara, Pikkle and the other shrews. Right before leaving, Log-a-Log locked him in the pit and loosed a pike on him.