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King Mortspear

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King Mortspear

Place of Origin:Presumably the Northern Mountains
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mentioned in: Lord Brocktree

King Mortspear was the father of Ungatt Trunn and Verdauga Greeneyes, the grandfather of Tsarmina and Gingivere Greeneyes, and the distant ancestor of Squire Julian Gingivere. He ruled a kingdom in the northern mountain region, of which Trunn had no desire to rule as the oldest of the two wildcat sons. While Verdauga became a wanderer, Trunn elected to become a "conqueror" instead, and resented any reference to his father in the various titles read off by the Grand Fragorl. As Mortspear is only mentioned, we know little about him.


  • His name means Death Spear; derived from mors/mortis, Latin for death, and the word spear.

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