Kite the Slayer

Species:Sea Otter
Place of Origin:High North Coast
Weapon: Axe
Death: Greenshroud's Crossbow bolt
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Kite the Slayer was a young, bloodthirsty sea ottermaid of the Rogue Crew, who made notches on her shield for each vermin she had killed; she later told the Long Patrol that she had lost count of how many notches she had. She rather enjoyed marching and singing, and made a note of this fact to Ferrul.

Kite was with the Rogue Crew when they formed an alliance with the Long Patrol and sought out Razzid Wearat and the crew of the Greenshroud. She traveled with the band to Mossflower Woods, where the Rogue Crew's scouts discovered a tribe of Guosim that had been massacred by Razzid. She helped to gather the survivors, and rescued Tibbro, who had become stuck in bankmud.

Later, the Rogue Crew and Long Patrol met up with another band of Guosim, and accompanied them to Redwall Abbey; along the way, Skor Axehound decided that the group's guide Drogbuk Wiltud needed a bath, and instructed Kite to give it to him. The tough ottermaid cheerfully obliged, scrubbing the drunken old hedgehog until every last one of his quills fell out.

She and the rest of her group gathered on the walltops of Redwall Abbey to face Razzid when he attacked. When the Greenshroud barrelled towards the Abbey, as if to ram its way into Redwall, Kite eagerly ran onto the lawns to meet it; unfortunately, Razzid had fired a bolt from one of the ship's giant crossbows to knock aside the gates, and Kite intercepted the giant arrow and was slain.