Kolun Galedeep

Kolun Galedeep

Place of Origin:Green Isle
Weapon: Oar
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

"Big" Kolun Galedeep was the otter brother of Lorgo Galedeep, the husband of Deedero, father of Toobil and 9 other otters, as well as Skipper of the Galedeep otterclan and captain of the Rustynail.

Along with Lorgo, Leatho Shellhound, Banya Streamdog, the Long Patrol, and others (including his new Queen, Tiria Wildlough), he led an attack against Riggu Felis and succeeded.

After meeting the Long Patrol, Big Kolun enjoyed the idea of being an officer so much he adopted harespeech.

He was probably related to Finnbarr Galedeep.

Not to be confused with Konul.